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Control System

The unified control system uses ComAp InteliCompact series generator controllers. [Replaced with InteliGen 200 Controller] These controllers allow full control of all generator functions in a non-proprietary architecture. The system can control basic gensets (all sensors etc direct wired) or communicate with many computer controlled gensets directly through a CAN network. (Note: Some gensets with built in proprietary controls will not interface with the ComAp products–contact ComAp for specific information).

The system also uses a MainsCompact to interface with local utility or an auxiliary power source – for instance, a portable generator used for extremely low usage times. [Replaced with InteliMains 210]

The system is capable of running any one source, or all sources paralleled together at once. It can start, run, and stop generators from a remote location (such as a surgery building or operating room), or automatically as the load fluctuates. It also will monitor fuel levels and alarms and provide audible and visual warning of needed service.

Adding the ComAp Internet Bridge allows remote monitoring and/or control via local computer or even remote supervision using ComAp's AirBridge and Websupervisor. The Internet Bridge also makes it easy to email controller logs and status reports to remote support personnel for troubleshooting.

Controls for two generators and Utility are built into one enclosure, allowing all functions to be done in one location. The system can be expanded for more generators by simply adding another enclosure; the controllers all communicate through a two-wire CAN network.

However, if an application plans to use proprietary gensets (such as Cummins PowerCommand), and does not need the paralleling function, a simple switch panel can replace the entire control tower in the overall design.

Contact Martin Energy as the preferred supplier for the control system. It can be assembled and tested along with the generators before shipping. Control Panel as built by Martin Energy Group Martin Control Panel Pictures

For very detailed and in-depth information on generator paralleling systems, see Cummins Power Paralleling Application Manual (PDF) and other useful Application Manuals at

See Warnings below

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TinyCAD Source Schematics

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ComAp Programming Source Code

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Teco PLC SG2 Programming Source Code

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Follow all applicable electrical codes. Consult a licensed electrician or an electrical engineer for assistance selecting appropriate wire size, circuit breaker, and contactor ratings. These plans assume that you have the necessary expertise and experience, or that you will consult with and work under the supervision of a licensed electrician or experienced electrical engineer, for assembly and implementation. Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury, damage to property, destruction of generator sets and wiring, even causing fires and death.

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