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Power System Overview

MetaTek is a power system design for use in remote areas where no utility access is available. It is specifically meant for mission organizations that need reliable electrical service, and between 50-100kW of capacity, on a small to medium sized “campus” of numerous buildings. The organization can use the designs presented to assist in sourcing and building a power system.

MetaTek uses a systems approach, that allows a user to build a design most suited for their application.

  • Power house: Designed for easy construction anywhere in the world using local supplies as much as possible.
  • Generators: 2 (or more) identical generators from 25-50kW each
  • Generator Control System: Several control systems are available
    • A “best in class” control system using ComAp digital controllers, that allows paralleling and syncing to a Utilities Main.
    • A basic control that simply allows easy selection of the generator and alarm functions
  • Master Distribution Center: The main switching “bus” for electricity, It also includes up to 8 separate, switchable load shedding outputs, 100A each.
  • Distribution Points: Each load shed output ends in a 100A distribution point that then feeds a structure or group of buildings.
  • Battery/Inverters/Solar: The basic design is capable of incorporating these extra features as desired
  • Solar Water Pump: A link to a solar pumping design that can pump water without any other power.

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