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TinyCAD Schematic Editor

TinyCAD is our preferred tool for creating electrical circuit diagrams and schematics.

TinyCAD is an open source “schematic capture program” for all versions of Microsoft Windows. We use TinyCAD because it is easy to learn and use, and because it is free, the diagrams we create are easily edited by others to customize for their needs.

It is also very easy to create your own symbol libraries to meet your needs. TinyCAD drawings are self-contained – you do not need the source library to display a drawing with “unique” symbols. You can also copy a symbol from a drawing and add it to your own symbol library.

TinyCAD can also be used to create printed circuit boards, and can export “net list” information to applications such as FreePCB, which we recommend for creating printed circuit boards.

Object Libraries

Here are the object libraries that we use with TinyCAD. You can load them into your own copy of TinyCAD and use or edit them, but you don't need to download them if you are only using the drawings from this site – each TinyCAD drawing is “portable” and includes all of the object data; it does not depend on an external library.

Library PDF of objects Last Update
comap_inteligen.tclib comap_inteligen.pdf 2017-11-15
industrial_controls.tclib industrial_controls.pdf 2017-11-15
power_protection.tclib power_protection.pdf 2017-11-15
power_systems.tclib power_systems.pdf 2017-11-15
wireless_networking.tclib wireless_networking.pdf 2017-11-15
construction.tclib construction.pdf 2017-11-15
water_systems.tclib water_systems.pdf 2017-11-15
my_active.tclib my_active.pdf 2017-11-15
my_passive.tclib my_passive.pdf 2017-11-15
flowchart.tclib flowchart.pdf 2017-11-15
tcad-blank.dsn Blank TinyCAD file (work-around for Windows 8 error, “improper argument” when trying “Save As…”).

Creating Bill of Materials with TinyCAD

Creating a useful bill of materials in a repeatable process for many drawings requires a bit of discipline and planning.

Creating Bill of Materials with TinyCAD is the process we follow.

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