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Sources, Suppliers & Software

Sources & Suppliers

Supplier Website Notes/Bill of Materials Part #
AZ Wind Sun PH92
Allied Electronics
Amazon Various, including CP109 - Xantrex 12v charger
Factory Mation
GEMS Sensors GE45
Governors America Electronic governor controllers & actuators
Martin Energy Group, Martin Energy
Nelsprit Co CP70 — 12 to 24vdc converter
New Age Marine
Surplus Center
Auto-parts store Advance Auto, Autozone, CarQuest, NAPA, etc.
Exhaust shop local exhaust/muffler shop
Machine shop local welding/machine shop


  • If you can't find a local welding or machine shop, we recommend Slabaugh Metal Fab,
    although the cost to ship large items like the intake vents may be high.

    Slabaugh Metal Fab

    Attn: Ervin Miller
    2320 4th C Rd
    Bremen, IN 46506
    Tel: 574-546-2282
    Fax: 574-546-2335


Software Website Notes
DraftSight Free AutoCAD-compatible CAD software, works very much like an updated version of AutoCAD 98 LT. Recommended if you need to edit any of the drawing files (.dwg files.
PDF Creator Excellent free software for creating PDF documents – installs as a printer. You can also use it to create JPG, PNG, or other image files by choosing to “Save As…” instead of PDF.

Beware of additional software offered for installation. Verify that you uncheck any toolbar installers offered during installation.
TinyCAD Electrical diagram and schematic editor (.dsn files). Use version or newer. Also see TinyCAD Notes
TECO SG2 PLC Programmable Logic Relay (PLR) or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). "Ladder Logic" programming software is downloadable from The files provided here were saved using version 3.22 (8.5Mb). Good help files and documentation are included.
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