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Power House Plans & Design

The Power House design is provided in Autocad or PDF format, in both English (SAE) or Metric Dimensions. A builders guide is available in English. The drawings contain several special components that must be manufactured (exhaust pipes, louvers, etc) as well as installation prints for the internal components (control system, etc).


  1. Architectural Construction Drawings: These cover the building construction itself, from footer to roof. A Builders Guide is provided to assist in the construction.
  2. Electrical/Mechanical Installation Drawings: These detail the installation of the major interior components; fuel piping, electrical controls, lights, etc.
  3. Metal Fabrication Parts Drawings: These are parts that must be specially made for use in the installation (2) above. See note below.

English (SAE) Dimensions
  • Architectural Construction Drawings: English Dimensions
  • Electrical/Mechanical Installation Drawings: English Dimensions
  • Metal Fabrication Parts Drawings: English Dimensions
Metric Dimensions
  • Architectural Construction Drawings: Metric Dimensions
  • Electrical/Mechanical Installation Drawings: Metric Dimensions
  • Metal Fabrication Parts Drawings: Metric Dimensions

Parts to be manufactured

The drawings under Metal Fabrication Parts are also listed by drawing number below.

  1. P33 Exhaust Air Ducts (May be provided by the generator supply company)
  2. P34 Exhaust Pipes
  3. P35 Electrical Cabinet Support Frame (May be pre-made or manufactured on site)
  4. P37 Intake Air Louvers
  5. P38 Master Ground Bus Bar
  6. P43 Fuel pipe brackets
  7. P44 Modify Fuel Pipe mounting blocks
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