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MetaTek Part Numbers

Part numbers in drawings and bill of materials starting with “MT” are MetaTek part numbers. The Bill of Materials links the MT part number to a manufacturer and model for a particular item.

In some cases, manufacturers have discontinued parts or updated them with new part numbers. When this is the case, a revision suffix letter (A-Z) is added to the part number. Parts with identical numbers except for the suffix letter should be functionally identical. Unless noted, newer parts (newer revision letter) should be drop-in replacements, and where a choice of OEM1) parts does exist, the newer part should be preferred. However, in every such case, care should be taken to verify that the replacement will work satisfactorily.


  • MT – MetaTek Part number prefix
  • K – Function: Relay (see following table for complete function listing)
  • 102 – Part identifier
  • MT – MetaTek Part number prefix
  • K – Function: Relay
  • 102 – Part identifier
  • A – Originally specified part. Letter suffix will only be added when there has been a substitution, in which case there should also be an MTK102B listed.

Part Number Functions

Third letter of part number:

Prefix Function
A Assembly*
B Battery*
C Capacitor*
D Diode, LED*
E Circuit Breaker
F Fuse*
G Generator*
H Hardware
J Plug, Jack, Connector
K Relay/Contactor*
L Inductor or coil*
M Motor*
N MechaNical
O ..
P Pilot, Lamp, Indicator
Q Transistor/semiconductor*
R Resistor*
S Switch*
T Transformer*
U Inseparable assembly, such as integrated circuit*
V Meter
W Wire
X un-paired connector
Y Crystal or Oscillator*
Z Zener diode*
.. ..

* = Standard electronics part reference designator.


Original Equipment Manufacturer part
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